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Residential Solar Installation

Innovate Roofing & Solar is committed to providing high quality and reliable solar options for your residential energy needs. We can provide information on your energy options and discuss how we can save you time and money.

Go Solar

Why Go Solar?

Many homeowners chose to go solar to improve the environment and cut energy costs. Many people are aware that solar is a great home efficiency upgrade and are eager to reduce their carbon footprint while also improving their property value.
• Why rent, when you can own your own energy? Make your own clean power and get short-term and long-term financial benefits while helping protect the environment.
• Local, state, and federal incentives will make your system even more affordable.

Produce your own electricity and save money starting day 1.

Electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. When you have a solar system installed, you’ll generate power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you don’t produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, solar will still reduce your electricity bill and you’ll be saving money.

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Option 2: Solar Loans

A solar loan is a loan that is used towards the purchase of a solar power system for your home. Solar loan financing allows you to avoid the steep payments upfront while also giving you immediate ownership of your system. Like a regular loan, it is paid off in monthly payments with an applied interest rate. However, since you are considered the owner of the system, you are entitled to the benefits such as tax credits and rebates.

Option 3: Solar Leasing and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

When you lease your solar panels, you acquire a solar lease or PPA through which you make monthly payments. This means that you will never own your solar system. Compared to other solar financing options, a solar lease does come with its share of negatives. For instance, you cannot receive the deductions that come from the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). You have to own your system in order to receive a state or federal tax credit.

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Solar Tax Credits

When you schedule your free consultation with Innovate Roofing & Solar, the sales representative will explain to you the different types of tax credits available to you. This includes the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit and any incentives offered by your state. Please take note that the Solar Federal Tax Credit for homeowners going solar will drop to 22% in 2023.

State and Utility Rebates

In some states, the state governments and even local utility companies will help to make your switch to solar stress free — with the use of rebates applied to your investment of solar panels. Utility companies are realizing just how beneficial solar energy is, so to encourage customers to go solar, some utility companies are offering solar rebates as well as net metering programs to help with the cost of switching to solar.

STEP 1: Solar Consultation

• Provide a copy of your most recent electricity bill
• Review your solar options

STEP 2: Site Survey

One of our technicians will come out and confirm that your home meets the qualifications to go solar

Our Commitment

We proudly serve all of the DFW metroplex with high-quality, GAF certified contractors that are fully insured and bonded. We offer competitive pricing and special discounts for veteran and single mother households. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve, restore and save.
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What Our Customers Say

John Rike
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Daniel and the team at Innovate Roofing & Solar were amazing. Communication and quality of craftsmanship is above and beyond all other roofing companies in the area!! Can not say enough about how satisfied we are with their work.
Julia Tanner
Read More
I used Innovate for my total roof replacement this year due to hail. Not only did they walk me through the whole process of handling the insurance company but they answered any and all questions I had in a timely manner. When the roof installation happened far quicker than I had thought possible. Not only does my new roof look beautiful it has added Great value in a steam to my home. I recommend this company and their sales manager Dakota to anybody looking to do home repairs and the like.
Diane Carloni
Read More
This was the first time I realized a roof can actually be pretty, and make a huge aesthetic difference in the overall home. The roof installation I just received from Innovate Roofing is gorgeous. Even another roofer complemented it! Complete strangers walking their dogs have added their praises! Dakota Tinney managed the project and took total responsibility for the entire process. He filed the claim, took the pictures, dealt with the adjuster - EVERYTHING. All I did was give him the insurance checks. The crew was fast, professional, and cleaned up at the end. I could not be more pleased. Their honesty, integrity, and sincere concern are beyond reproach - something that is of particular importance for a single woman. Thank you!!
Robert Garcia
Read More
Daniel and his crews were such a pleasure to work with. He was very timely with his follow ups to my messages and texts. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Daniel and his company as a result of my personal experiences. They provided excellent exterior and interior workmanship in replacing my wind/rain damaged roof and repairing/repainting sheetrock damage in the dining room, entryway, and hall bathroom. One of best experiences i have had in dealing with any/all contractors for home services and repairs to date.
James Zimcosky
Read More
Daniel is excellent. Roofing and gutters were all handled professionally and efficiently. Daniel keeps you apprised of every step and follows up to keep you informed. Outstanding service!
William P
Read More
I doubted they could remove my old roof and replace it all in one day. But they brought a big crew and did it in 1 day! They updated my vents and worked around my gutters nicely. They dealt with my insurance company all the way and made the budget. And they cleaned up the nails with a big magnet. Great job!
Read More
You can stress out looking for a quality roofing and contracting company or you can rely on Innovate Roofing & Solar to provide a stress free experience while receiving quality work like I did. From here forward, I won’t use anyone else! Thank You Daniel and Innovate Roofing & Solar
Tony N
Read More
Innovate Roofing do incredible work and we were really satisfied with how our new roof turned out. Daniel made the entire process seamless and was there the entire time supervising the project. The team were prompt, professional and dedicated to their craft and our roofing needs. Every homeowner in need of a new roof should give Innovate Roofing & Solar a call.
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Excellent customer service! Daniel made the process easy and quick! Highly recommended
Read More
Daniel and his team are very attentive, caring and professional. Would definitely recommend them to anyone needing their roof done.
Frank L
Read More
Daniel and his crew were great. He worked with the insurance company and got me on his schedule real quick. After that they showed up in the morning and my roof was brand new by the end of the day. I highly recommend Daniel and Innovate Roofing & Solar!
Vicky Sosa
Read More
Daniel was wonderful to work with. I had to get a new roof, gutters, window screens and repair a section of my fence. Daniel provided a stress free experience. He even worked directly with my insurance adjuster, walked me through filing a claim and constantly provided me with updates. I was also satisfied with the quality of work that was done. At the end, he inspected everything to make sure all the work was completed and made sure I was satisfied with everything. I highly recommend using him as your contractor!
Doug Potts
Read More
I've dealt with many contractors in my day...... none as good as Daniel & crew!! OFF THE CHARTS!! Outstanding work----keeps you in the loop----unbelievable at winning the fight with cantankerous insurance company's-----considerate of your property-----& clean up above & beyond. Folks, if you're lookin for a good roofer; look no further. They will literally blow your wig or toupee right off your head & way down the street. I wish I could give them 8 🌟!!
Lala Williams
Read More
A couple of months ago we had our roof and gutter replaced by Innovate Roofing and Solar. Daniel and his crew did an excellent job in a very timely manner. We are very happy with the results! If you need roofing work done, do not hesitate to contact Innovate Roofing and Solar, you will not be disappointed. They are great and Daniel has outstanding customer service. Thank you Daniel. Van and Lala Williams

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